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Baby Full Moon Package

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Terms and conditions
  • Purchase of RM 300.00 or above FREE delivery to your door step, for Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya areas (within 25 KM). Location exceeding 25 KM additional delivery charges from RM 35.00-80.00 will be imposed.
  • Delivery available SEVEN (7) days a week.
  • Please place your order 3 days in advance.
  • Order through Telephone, WhatsApp us at 012 288 0167 / 012 216 0389, fill up the "Online Order" submit to us or email us: [email protected]
  • Min order 5 sets for each packages.
  • The earliest delivery time is start from 9:30am, booking of delivery time is necessary.
  • Personalized baby's name printed on the gift box is complimentary service. To print of baby's photo will charge RM 1.00 for each Baby Card.
  • Payment mode : CASH or Bank In
  • Buy 10 free 1 offer is apply for all type of package. * The restriction is to buy 10 set same type and will be entitle to free 1 set the same type of package, NO MIXING will be allowed.
  • Price quoted at most valuable buy. Not negotiable.
  • We reserve the right to change the term of offer and price without prior notice.
  • 凡订购RM300.00以上就可 府上。限制于车程不超过25KM的KL和PJ地区,如超出25KM的地区既另加车费RM 35.00 - RM80.00。
  • 星期一至星期日都有送货。
  • -请提早三天前预订。 可以来电预订,或 WhatsApp 012 288 0167 / 012 216 0389,填上"Online Order"发送给我们。 亦可email : [email protected]
  • 订购数量限制于同款最少5 盒
  • 交货时间限制于早上9:00am之后, 敬请提早预订交货时间。
  • 呈现宝宝名字在礼盒上是免付费,如要印宝宝照片既另收费每张卡RM1.00。
  • BUY 10 FREE 1 OFFER是指凡买10 盒相同款的礼盒既将获得多送1盒相同款。
  • 付款方式: 现钱,或预先银行过账。
  • 我们以最优惠价格经营,不二价。
  • 本公司保留权利更改有关优惠以及报价有效日期。

* If Self Collection please stated collection time
* Collection time available from 9.00am to 12.00pm only.

* 如自行取货,请注明时间
* 取货时间限于9.00am 至 12.00pm

Date of Delivery
Date of Self Collection

We provide complimentary service to print your baby's name on the gift box.

Baby name in English
Baby name in Chinese (Please provide "pin yin")

#Optional service to print "Baby's Photo Card" at charges of RM 1.00 per Card.
Interested please provide baby's photo, date of birth, gender and parent's name by email to [email protected]

To take order from customer.